Bluebird Cakery Brings Gourmet Goodies to Mankato, Minnesota

Lucky Customer With Free Cupcake during
Bluebird Cakery pre-opening in Mankato, Minnesota

Photo by Pat Christman
Were you one of the lucky customers who received a free cupcake and expresso during Bluebird Cakery's dry run in March?

If not, you can still enjoy yummy looking cupcakes from Bluebird Cakery, but you gotta pay for them. From the looks of Bluebird's cupcake gallery, it's definitely worth it!

Bluebird Cakery's Tea Cupcake
A true Zen Cupcake!
Bluebird Cakery's owner Kelsy Wittmeier launched her brick and mortar store from a Farmer's Market stand to after a warm reception from her local community. She aims to please all customers with non-traditional cupcake and cake options like Soy Free, Paleo, Vegan, Dairy Fre, Gluten Free and Marshmallow Fondant. If you don't see what you want, just ask and Bluebird Cakery will try to bake it for you!

Maple Bacon Cake
Bluebird Cakery
Warning: When you check out the Bluebird Cakery's photo gallery, be prepared for the amazing-looking Maple Bacon Cake on the landing page. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon! Bluebird's Specialty Menu features unique and unusual flavors like "Better Than Sex," Wisconsin Black Velvet and the zen-like "Chai Tea Latte" made from locally sourced food products.

Soft Knit T-shirts by
Bluebird Cakery

In addition to the delicious cakes, cupcakes and coffee, Bluebird cakery sells cute soft knit Cupcake T-shirts proclaiming the sage wisdom. "Cupcakes Are Cheaper Than Therapy." For more details about these mouth-watering cakes and cupcakes, please check out the Bluebird Cakery's website