PEEPS Chocolate Dip and Hi Hat Cupcakes by Tiers of Joy, Ludlow, MA

PEEPS make any cupcake Easter ready!
Peeps and Chocolate Dip

Two festive but easy to make sweet treat recipes for Easter by Nancy Parent of Tiers of Joy, a boutique sweet treats and dessert design  studio located in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Check out the Tiers of Joy website for more special and seasonal cakes, like this Easter-themed edible Easter Pinata filled with M&M candy.

Edible Wafer Paper Cake is filled with Easter Candy!

First, PEEPS and Chocolate Dip. Colorful and easy to create:

Chocolate-Dip and PEEPS
A Perfect Easter Dessert Combo!
The second cupcake recipe is a video tutorial demonstrating a simple way to create those chocolate-dipped Hi Hat Cupcakes. The link to the video is HERE.

Chocolate-Dipped Hi Hat Cupcakes
Be sure to make plenty of Buttercream frosting. According to baker Nancy Parent: "A cupcake’s main purpose is to hold the icing  piled nice and HIGH." After all, that's why this recipe is called Hi Hat Cupcakes!