Zen Cupcake's Blogging Goes On...

Happiness Is The Best Revenge...

I've been forced to interrupt my life and online activity due to the unilateral malicious harassment of numerous deeply disturbed individuals. As a result thereof I am pursuing legal action to hold my harassers accountable and criminally, financially & legally responsible for their ongoing misconduct. I have a right to be left alone. Hear my battle cry: Enough is Enough!

In the meantime, life goes on. I have the right to blog. I have the right to use my words to advocate and empower. I have the right to share my passions with whomever chooses to listen and join me on my journey. If you don't like what I write, avert your eyes. Instead of being hateful and destructive, do something positive with your time & energy.

Join me as I discover the sweet things in life that bring me joy and make me happy. Sharing is caring. Haters and mean-spirited people are NOT welcome in my world.  Anyone who obstructs my rights to freedom of expression and permissible speech, the right to use the internet and/or infects, corrupts or damages my electronic equipment will face the maximum criminal and civil consequences. It has taken me years to develop the strength to start the healing process and begin to recover from the devastating physical, mental and emotional injuries I needlessly sustained by the perpetrators. Threats of retaliation, blackmail and harm to myself and my loved ones does not scare me any longer. I refuse to be victimized again. My life matters. Don't mess with me.

Until my next post,
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